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Our Cats

Maleniky-venku.JPGIC*Nienen de Rotte blue lynx colorpoint – maleDate of birdth: 25.1.2008Blood group AF: CH Bartemius Síh - Rag dM: Pája le Petit z Tramtárie - Rag a 04 21Test FeLV, FIV negativeWe call him Nicky. Like Lilian he is also from Mrs. Dobrovska breeding station but his parents are different. He is a sturdy tom-cat with nice colouring. He is the typical leader of the pack with a calm character. His favourite activity is to relax in a place where it is easy to observe the surroundings.rodokmen-niky.JPG Exhibitions:21.6.2008 Valtice V130.11.2008 Nitra CAC6.12.2008 Olomouc CAC10.1.2009 Ostrava V128.2.2009 Bratislaba CAC5.12.2009 Olomouc CACIB6.12.2009 Olomouc CACIB9. 1.2010 Bratislava CACIB cheri-03-11.JPGIC*Maxime's Love Cats Cheri lilac lynx mitted with flame – maleDate of birdth: 7.5.2010Blood group AF: Ragstar Lilac Limited Edition - Rag cM: Chocolottadols Godiva - Rag c 04 21Test FeLV, FIV negative HCM gen N/NPuss does not offer for other cats.Male we imported from Belgium. He has true nature ragdolls. It is quiet and very affectionate. He is The decoration of our cat pack, that it has adopted very soon. It will fit into our breeding program. We thank Ms. Renee.pp-cheri-2-str.JPG Exhibitions:12.3.2011 Bratislava CAC13.3.2011 Bratislava CAC19.3.2011 Uherské Hradiště CAC20.3.2011 Uherské Hradiště CACIB 7.5.2011 Brno CACIB 8.5.2011 Brno CAGCIB25.6.2011 Brno CAGCIB27.6.2011 Brno CAGCIB Females :lili-03-11.JPGCH*Lilian de Rotte seal bicolor- high mitted – femaleDate of birth: 1. 11. 2007Blood group AF: Damian de Borgione - Rag n 04 M: Jasmina Lucky Amelie - Rag n04Test FeLV, FIV negative, HCM N/NShe is from Mrs. Dobrovska breeding station. This cat is the most inteligent in our house. She became friends with our two tomcats easily and the younger one was her best friend and guardian from the beginning. They are a perfect couple for playing games.She has medium long thick hair. She loves to go outside – her favourite activity is runing in the garden.rodokmen-lili.JPG Exhibitions:21.6.2008 Valtice V113.9.2008 Brno CAC14.9. 2008 Brno V230.11. 2008 Nitra CAC 6.12.2008 Olomouc CAC misa-na-parapetu.JPG Ch*Mikkeline of Lenitas lila lynx mitted – femaleDate of birdth: 16.2.2008 Blood group AF: Rosevalleyrags Milo of Lenitas - Rag b 33M: Chilaili CHardani of Lenitas - Rag c 04 21Test FeLV, FIV negative, HCM N/NShe is our sweet cat. She comes from german breeder – Mrs. Katia Kohler. Her velvety hair is quite long and thick. She is easily frightened but snuggling is a very pleasant activity for her. She enjoys going outside – her favourite place is cattle-run.rodokmen-mikeline.JPG Exhibitions:13.9.2008 Brno V110.1.2009 Ostrava CAC5.12.2009 Olomouc CAC6.12.2009 Olomouc CACuriel-na-web.JPGCH*Uriel de Rotte Blue bicolour lynx ( Rag a 03 21 ) kočkanarozená 22.6.2009M: Ch*Pája Le Petit z TramtárieO: Abu Koc-Pol-Cat*Pl Test FeLV, FIV negativ, HCM N/NK našemu velkému potěšení jsme získali tuto nádhernou a velmi mazlivou Uriel, které říkáme Anuška. Je to mírná kočička s dobře stavěnou kostrou s nádherným vybarvením.pp-uriel.JPG Výstavy: 24.4.2010 Ostrava CAC26.6.2010 Valtice CAC27.6.2010 Valtice Cacdesiree-1-rok.JPGIC*Desiree Chance Songerie - blue bicolor, carrier of brown (chocolate) - femalebirth 26.3.2010Blood group AO:CH*Enrico Dolcemente, CZ -rag a 03M:Ch*Lenitas Mikkeline, De - rag c 04 21 Testy: FelV, FIV negativ, HCM N/NThe youngest cat from our breeding. We believe that our program will complement the bright cat.rodokmen-deziree.JPG Exhibitions:Bratislava 5.2.2011 CACBratislava 12.3.2011 CACBratislava 13.3.2011 CAC 19.3.2011 Uherské Hradiště CACIB20.3.2011 Uherské Hradiště CACIB image002.gif

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