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About Ragdoll race

It is very easy to keep them in a flat. This race is bright and inteligent. It is very easy to teach them. They recognize their own names and often they ract to a sound of a whistle. They are truehearted friends and follow their keepers almost everywhere. Usually there is not a problem to keep them on a leash. It is not recommended to let them outside without leash because they are very trustful. We are focused on cats with blue and lilla coloration. We want to keep only healthy, strong and well socialized cats.Generally Ragdolls are very curious, peaceful and kind members of families. This race is recommended for families with small children.Each breeder prefers his own race but in our opinion Ragdolls have really plenty of advantages. They don´t need any superlatives – they are just perfect!Apart from their character and adaptability they are unusualy well domesticated and well-balanced animals. It´s not easy to provoke them – this type of calm character is suitable for busy families with small children. They are also friendly with other cats.Ragdolls are cuddly, affectionate and patient cats with gentle character. Even if they are frightened they won´t bite or scratch – they rather try to escape.Their voice is quiet and their relationship with other animals including dogs are harmonious. Elegant appearance, polite character and enourmous trust in other people and animals are typical for these inteligent cats. They enjoy company and when they can snuggle up.Their medium long hair is practical for easy keeping – it is sufficient to comb their hair only once a week. For them this is a very pleasant contact with the breeder.General Information:Ragdoll race appeared in the 60´s of the last century in California, USA. They were certified as an official race by CFA in 1993.Ragdoll´s main features are: tall and well-built figure, wide forehead, bright blue eyes and medium long nose. As all biger cats they grow up longer. Their velvety hair is medium long and easy to care of. Kittens are always born completely white. After a few days they start to change their colouring. The final colouring is completed at three yeasr of age.Four types of colouring are accepted: - seal - blue - chocolate - lilac Moreover there is allowed to breed another three variations: - color-point - bicolor - mitted All these might have drawings – tabby or lynx. Ragdolls are similar to Burmese cats. But their chest is wider and legs and body stronger. image002.gif

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