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About us

We are a small breeding station from Brno, Czech Republic, registered in FIFe. We live together with our cats in a nice ground floor flat with a small garden. All our cats have the possibility to go outside whenewer they want – there is a special cattle-run for them. We can say that our cats live together with us in our flat as equal friends and there are not any barriers for them. They are allowed to go almost anywhere at anytime.I have loved Ragdolls since the first moment I saw them on the internet – it was love at first sight. I am a cat fancier and this race is one of my favourites.I have an experience with breeding one or two castrated tomcats. I took them from a privat shelter.My decision to take on one more cat was quite easy. I had only one doubt – will that new little ragdoll cat be only our new friend for fun or shall we start to breed this race proffesionally? But my desire for breeding small kittens was much stronger. I decided to establish my own breeding station of Ragdolls.Our first pussycat was Lilian from the breeding station „De Rotte“ from Mrs. Dobrovska (Brno, CZ).cicham-10-10-2009.JPG misa-10-2011.jpg image002.gif

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